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Invest in your people & culture

Training for mental resilience, empathic communication & embodied leadership

Outcomes & Impact

Learn the skills of somatic facilitation and empathic communication. Tackle the root causes of burnout and enhance collective wellbeing. Inspire your team to work more creatively and collaboratively.

We co-create training programmes with senior leadership & HR teams to deliver the following organisational outcomes;

  • Mitigated Stress, Anxiety & Burnout

  • Increased health & wellbeing

  • Increased self-awareness & resilience

  • Greater engagement & performance

  • Improved communication & collaboration

  • Increased creativity & innovation

  • Greater talent attraction & retention

  • Reduced sick leave & absenteeism

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What is SOMOS?

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Our body's physiological state plays a critical role in shaping how we relate and how we behave under pressure.

Understanding and developing a common language to discuss our physiological responses is a skill that can help teams perform consistently at the highest level.



"SOMOS was a transformative learning experience for me in so many ways. The design and facilitation is thoughtful and intentional, drawing on content that is thought-provoking and interconnected, with time and space for personal and collective integration. The team behind SOMOS have managed to create that elusive experience of community, belonging, challenge and learning in a setting of incredible natural beauty and genuine belonging. I have learned practical skills that I’m already applying to my personal and professional life, reimagined what it means to be regenerative and embodied in my work and relationships, and made friends for life. Can’t recommend enough - just say yes!"


Sarah Brown

Head of Learning and Learning Improvement at International Schools Partnership Limited

"The SOMOS experience offered a perfect balance of personal reflection and collective integration, set against the backdrop of the natural beauty of Selgars Mill Estate! The SOMOS team cultivated a wonderful sense of community and belonging throughout the programme with a great balance of content, embodiment and time in nature. I’ve not only redefined my approach to regeneration and embodiment in my work and relationships but also forged inspirational connections and had a great time as well!"


Elif Baloglu

Senior Global Marketing Manager at American Express || ex. Unilever

"This was such a transformative experience that I will remember forever among such amazing people, in such a beautiful place!"


David Bole

Head of Sector Capacity & Green Economy at the Forestry Commission

SOMOS is like learning a new language. Once you learn it, the way you approach your life, your relationships and your work changes.

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SOMOS is about learning to see ourselves and our lives as a living system

There is a reason why we feel better and think clearer when surrounded by nature. There is a reason why we get that breakthrough idea after going for a run. A deeper human intelligence exists within each of us. What we need is not more over-intellectualised stories and theories, but rather a space to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the natural world. It is only when we engage our emotions, our senses and our whole being in the process of change that we begin to face our shadows and transform our behaviours. 


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"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift."

- Albert Einstein

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