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Team Building Retreats

Forget Boring Corporate Hotels. Experience the Magic of Selgars Mill…

Selgars Mill is the perfect place for your team to reconnect in nature. We offer the complete package; a unique mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, delicious locally sourced food (some of which we grow ourselves in the Selgars veg garden) and a menu of tried and tested creative and wellness activities that can be woven into your programme.

"It’s truly been some of the best days of my LIFE! Seeing everyone connect and bond, just like a true family, makes me so proud of all we’ve achieved together! Special thanks to Anton for opening Selgars to us! We loved every minute of our stay!" 


Akash Mehta

CEO of Fable & Mane

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Organisations Who Have Trusted Us

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Activities We Host...


Biodiversity Tours & Mindful Nature Walks

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Sound Baths & Yoga


Dynamic Meditation & Wild Swimming


Empathic Communication & Collaboration Training


Collaborative Painting & Nature Art


Self-leadership & Trauma Awareness Training


Bonfire, Singing & Live Music

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Body Listening & Mindful Movement

Come together in nature for an extra boost of creative productivity

For remote teams, the bulk of your daily business can probably be done perfectly online. However, most projects have some aspects that flow much easier or at all when the team is together. Also for teams that still work together in an office, some topics are best dealt with outside of the normal surroundings of daily work.


These topics are typically strategic work, product development, project kick-offs, customer-centric work, design sprints and similar things. Also, periods of very intense work like closing a funding round or finalizing a launch are often better done in a physical get-together.


The quietness and isolation of a beautiful location in nature helps to find the focus and energy required for such endeavours. These kinds of retreats are also often called team retreat, focus retreat, productivity retreat or workation.

Get in Touch

At Selgars we do more than just offer a nice nature location with good food and hospitality. We provide expert guidance and support in how to design and facilitate a fun, holistic and embodied programme for your retreat or community gathering that would enable deeper connection, psychological safety and magical moments that everyone will remember and take inspiration from.

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