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Transformational learning cannot exist just in the mind, it needs to be embodied.


This is why we created Somos, to champion the role of nature immersion, somatic practice and the arts in the field of professional and human development.


Why this? Why now?

How much time and attention do you spend exploring and understanding the relationship between your mind, your body and the social and physical environment that you inhabit?

What impact could somatic and creative practices and routines have on the quality of your work and life? What if establishing a few simple yet transformational habits could help you feel more alive in your body, more confident in how you communicate with others, more creative in your work and more compassionate in your relationships? 

We have all been in situations when we have felt stuck or out of balance. We all suffer from different degrees of burnout and mental health challenges. Somos provides you with practical training in how to activate your somatic intelligence and experience higher levels of creativity and meaning in the work you do. Somos is about designing a lifestyle that enables you to bring yourself back into alignment, back to your centre, back to a state of relaxation and clarity. It is about learning how to trust your intuition, listen from the heart and build a community of practice to help you break free from unhealthy and destructive patterns of behaviour.


Somos is short for SOM OS, which refers to the Somatic Operating System, or in other words our 'bodymind'. 

We will guide you through proven embodied leadership tools and practices that will activate your somatic awareness and enable you to better regulate your nervous system in times of high stress. This is how we can best avoid burn out and reactive behaviours, but also awaken our creative self and learn to live a more embodied and empowered life.

What do we offer?


We guide groups of individuals on a 4 day immersive leadership journey designed to build somatic awareness, awaken your creative self and respond to the most pressing questions and systemic challenges that we face today.


We guide teams on a 2 day immersive team building journey designed to build connection and alignment. Somos team immersions are bespoke, co-created and co-facilitated experiences.


Hosted at Selga rs

Somos is based at Selgars Estate, an enchanted place filled with magical indoor and outdoor spaces that will provide the perfect setting to our immersions.

We will teach you the science, but also give you the embodied experience...

Somus Immersions are rooted in the theory and practice of Theory-U & Qigong. We work with sound, voice, movement, breath, journalling, painting, craft, cooking and group dialogue. With each day our workshops will go deeper into how these somatic practices can be woven into our busy lives. You will experience the immediate impact that realigning your body with mind can have on your wellbeing, creativity and productivity.


Somos means 'We Are' in Spanish.

Somos is a collective of facilitators, artists and coaches who are crafting immersive leadership and team building experiences that integrate mind, body and nature. 

We believe that through helping more people and organisations to activate their somatic awareness, we can spark a silent revolution, shifting eco-anxiety into empowered collective action.


Self. System. Somatic.

SOMOS is about training 3 levels of awareness; self, system & somatic. We do a lot of visual mapping and storytelling exercises designed to create a more holistic understanding of where we are now, where we want to be and how to get there. We map the story of our lives, we map our relationships, we map our teams, we map our goals, we map our stakeholders and partners. We then use somatic practices and journalling to try to tune into the interconnectivity of these elements and allow ourselves to intuitively sense which areas of our lives need more attention and change. 


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift."

- Albert Einstein

Who Are We?

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Anton Chernikov




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Advisors & Partners

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