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Explore New Frontiers of Human & Organisational Development

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Transformational learning cannot exist just in the mind, it needs to be embodied.

SOMOS refers to the Somatic Operating System that exists in all of us, or in other words our 'bodymind'. SOMOS also means 'We Are' in Spanish. If you are curious about learning how to live a more embodied life and how to cultivate a more regenerative culture at home and at work, then you have come to the right place. 



"SOMOS was a transformative learning experience for me in so many ways. The design and facilitation is thoughtful and intentional, drawing on content that is thought-provoking and interconnected, with time and space for personal and collective integration. The team behind SOMOS have managed to create that elusive experience of community, belonging, challenge and learning in a setting of incredible natural beauty and genuine belonging. I have learned practical skills that I’m already applying to my personal and professional life, reimagined what it means to be regenerative and embodied in my work and relationships, and made friends for life. Can’t recommend enough - just say yes!"


Sarah Brown

Head of Learning and Learning Improvement at International Schools Partnership Limited

"The SOMOS experience offered a perfect balance of personal reflection and collective integration, set against the backdrop of the natural beauty of Selgars Mill Estate! The SOMOS team cultivated a wonderful sense of community and belonging throughout the programme with a great balance of content, embodiment and time in nature. I’ve not only redefined my approach to regeneration and embodiment in my work and relationships but also forged inspirational connections and had a great time as well!"


Elif Baloglu

Senior Global Marketing Manager at American Express || ex. Unilever

"This was such a transformative experience that I will remember forever among such amazing people, in such a beautiful place!"


David Bole

Head of Sector Capacity & Green Economy at the Forestry Commission


SOMOS is like learning a new language. Once you learn it, the way you approach your life, your relationships and your work changes.


What is SOMOS?

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Our body's physiological state plays a critical role in shaping how we relate and how we behave under pressure.

SOMOS is an opportunity to look at your life through a new lens and explore what it means to be regenerative and embodied in our work and relationships.

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We place somatic practices, body listening, nature connection and group dialogue at the heart of the learning experience. 

What makes SOMOS different is our commitment to somatic, nature-based and experiential learning.

We keep the theory part simple and concise so that we have more time for personal reflection, nature immersion, hands on activities and group dialogue. We invite all participants to bring their own personal challenges and case studies into the sessions. This makes the learning raw, real and actionable.

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Our Schedule

Throughout the programme we will be sharing with you somatic exercises and facilitation tools that you can bring into your own daily wellbeing practice and also into your workplace. 

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Join Us

Thu 4th - Sun 7th April 2024

Thu 31st Oct - Sun 3rd Nov 2024

SOMOS is about learning to see ourselves and our lives as a living system

There is a reason why we feel better and think clearer when surrounded by nature. There is a reason why we get that breakthrough idea after going for a run. A deeper human intelligence exists within each of us. What we need is not more over-intellectualised stories and theories, but rather a space to reconnect with ourselves, each other and the natural world. It is only when we engage our emotions, our senses and our whole being in the process of change that we begin to face our shadows and transform our behaviours. 


It is easy to get stuck in our heads, our screens and our to do lists. Our fast paced, high stress, goal-orientated urban lives disconnect us from the nature that exists within and around us

SOMOS is about awakening your senses, reconnecting with your deeper intuition and allowing for new perspectives and new knowledge to emerge. This is a practice and a process that might seem simple, but it can have a transformational impact on the quality of your personal health and relationships as well as the work culture and performance of your organisation.


All food and accommodation included;

£450 - shared room

£600 - private room


Activating Your Somatic Awareness

Think back to a time when you felt stuck or stressed.

What helped you break out of this mental block? Was it more thinking? More analysis? Or did the solution appear when you got our of your head and went for a walk, a run or a dance? The mind and the body are part of one living system and yet we spend so little time trying to understand the relationship that exists between them. We spend most of our lives training and developing our rational minds and yet we fail to give the same attention and effort to developing our intuitive minds.

SOMOS is an opportunity to not only reflect on your personal wellbeing but also to consider the wider systems that we are a part of and how we can change them.


Who is this for?

SOMOS is for anyone who wants to explore how to live a more embodied life and cultivate a more collaborative culture within their organisations. 

Learning to Listen to Our Body's Wisdom

We will be guiding you through a series of individual and group activities designed to support you in regulating your nervous system, managing stressful situations and listening to your body's intuition.


SOMOS is about taking a pause from your everyday routines and giving yourself the space and time to explore with others how to lead a more balanced and embodied life.

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Nature Immersion

The highest quality of learning and human development happens when we step into community and learn with and through others. This work is not theoretical, is it deeply relational, practical and embodied. This is why the setting and the facilitation matters so much. Something incredible happens when we go into nature. We get out of our heads and start to relax. We start to notice the sounds, the colours, the textures and the interconnected life that surrounds us. Eventually this awareness shifts inwards and the process of inner transformation can begin. 


Hosted at Selga rs

Somos is hosted at Selgars Mill Estate, a venue that is filled with a unique mix of indoor and outdoor spaces that include a 200m2 events barn, cosy stone cottages, an 18th century converted Mill House, countless fireplaces, kitchens, waggons, cabins, woodlands, bridges, ponds, wild birds, starlit skies, secluded fields and moments of magic and art at every corner.


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift."

- Albert Einstein

Facilitation Team

We created SOMOS because we are passionate about the role that embodiment, nature immersion and the arts can play in human and organisational development and we want to explore this passion with others. We think of SOMOS as a community of practice rather than a course or a qualification. We are creating a safe container where we can experience the sensory magic of Selgars Mill, listen more deeply to our embodied intuition and learn from each other through group dialogue and feedback. 

Anton Chernikov

Anton is an entrepreneur who has been working at the intersection of tech, sustainability and real estate for the past 12 years. He is the founder of House of Transformation and Selgars.

Anton has been on his own embodied leadership journey for many years and has a vision for Selgars to become a theatre for transformational learning and team building. He is passionate about building a community of practice for regenerative living and working


Kasia Stepien

Kasia is an educator, embodiment guide, mindfulness practitioner and group learning facilitator. She has worked with community leaders, non-governmental organisations and educators across Europe, delivering workshops and training courses on social change, wellbeing and sustainability. 

Kasia weaves together her passion for embodied practices, nature and communities and creates spaces for people to be, learn and connect with themselves, each other and the Earth based on compassion, authentic expression, self-awareness and play. 

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