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We need your help!

The challenge that we face right now is that we have an empty calendar for 2023 and we need your help to spread the word.


A letter from our founder...

Dear friends & colleagues,

I'm writing to you to share some exciting news but also to ask for your support at a critical moment.

As you know, two years ago we launched House of Transformation and after a difficult first year we are now flying with over 200 bookings made this year. We have hosted weddings, hen dos, engagement parties, urban retreats, youth leadership programmes, charity fundraising dinners, media companies, tech scale ups, corporate board meetings, culture away days, strategic offsites, album launches, and much much more.

The dream has always been to also open a nature location and to run it with a similar model as House of Transformation. Today, I couldn’t be more excited to announce that we have signed a lease and option to buy a beautiful countryside estate in Mid Devon called Selgars Mill. Over the past few weeks we have been busy building a new website and creating a strategy and vision for the years ahead.

This is a dream come true in many ways; to have a place in nature not too far from London where we can host events and retreats, live together with friends and build tiny homes and art installations in the woods. 


First of all I would like to invite you to either visit or colive with us in the winter months of 2023. We want to imagine together and co-create a shared community vision for what this place and project could become in the years ahead.

However, in the short term the biggest challenge that we face is that we have an empty calendar for next year and we need your support to spread the word. It is such a waste when a beautiful place like Selgars sits empty. Just like with House of Transformation, we want to Selgars to be a multi-functional venue with the greatest possible diversity of events and bookings;

  • Team Building Retreats / Offsites

  • Nature Immersions / Conferences

  • Wellness Retreats

  • Community Gatherings / Mini-festivals

  • Holiday Rentals

  • Festival Weddings

  • Winter Slow Coliving

We are offering really affordable and accessible pricing and want to focus on growing a strong local and regional community. We have indoor overnight accommodation for up to 30 guests and seasonal (Mar-Nov) outdoor glamping accommodation for up to 60 guests. We also have the capacity to host nature conferences and community gatherings for up to 300 participants with the use of neighbouring camping fields for DIY camping.


We would especially like to connect with tech businesses and climate focussed organisations located in London or the South West Region (e.g. Bristol, Bath and Exeter) as well as educational programmes and universities. Just email me any intros you feel would be a good fit. Your support with this would mean a lot. The more bookings we get the better chance we will have to raise investment to buy the property next year.

Upcoming events

If you are up for it please sign up here for some 'Life at Selgars' slow coliving in Jan & Feb, or just pop over for a cup of tea and a short walk around the estate.

You can also sign up for our big summer event that will be hosted on 6th - 9th July; The Enchanted Village Gathering. Here is a video teaser.

Thank you for the support in spreading the word.

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Written by Anton Chernikov

Anton is a designer, consultant and entrepreneur who has been working at the intersection of tech, sustainability and real estate for the past 12 years. He is the founder of House of Transformation and Selgars and the co-founder of re:build and enchanted. He is looking to connect with tech founders and investors to discuss the role that creative spaces and nature offices can play in helping founders build a strong team culture. 

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