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Nature Immersions

Have you ever thought about hosting a high impact immersive networking event in nature?

Many challenges of our time are not any longer solved by stable and fixed teams. Adaptive networks of diverse people are the new superpower. The flux of competencies, ideas and contacts within these networks can be truly magical. However it is a challenge to establish trust and a shared purpose-driven narrative between the members of such networks.


Facilitated gatherings in nature can make all the difference here and unlock the hidden potential. We are working with foundations, incubators, consultancies, accelerators, design agencies, science clusters and the like to help bring their networks together.

You define the purpose and programme for your event and we help you create the magic!

At Selgars we do more than just offer a nice nature location with good food and hospitality. We provide expert guidance and support in how to design and facilitate a fun, holistic and embodied programme for your retreat or community gathering that would enable deeper connection, psychological safety and magical moments that everyone will remember and take inspiration from.

What are you waiting for?

No idea is too crazy for us. We offer a free of charge imagination session to help you design and plan your event. 

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