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Welcome to our Facilitator Jam!

This invitation goes out to all the facilitators, practitioners, coaches, consultants and leaders out there who regularly hold space for teams and groups, and are craving some time to relax and retreat in nature.

Drop in for some coliving / coworking / colearning anytime between Mon 6th - Wed 15th March and also between Tue 21st March - Sun 2nd April.

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This year at Selgars we will be hosting a series of co-living / co-working / co-learning gatherings designed specifically for facilitators.

Explore new ways of bringing nature, embodiment & art into your client work.

Enjoy time and space to rest and recharge, so that you can unlock new ideas and perspectives.

Experience true community and build long-term relationships that will serve you in life and work.

Enhance your facilitation skills by testing new tools and getting high value feedback from peers.

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Our vision is to make Selgars feel like a home away from home. We want to become the place where top facilitators go to not only retreat and recharge, but also to sharpen their skills and get high value feedback from trusted peers. 

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Facilitators are always acting in service of others. It is easy to burn out and feel isolated from your peers as you go from project to project and client to client.


F:Jam offers facilitators the opportunity to spend quality time with a community of peers in a relaxing and intimate setting. For once you don't have to hold space. You don't have to facilitate a workshop or design a learning journey. You can just enjoy being together with likeminded souls.


Nature, Art & Embodiment

You cannot solve new problems with the same thinking that created them. We need to tap into new ways of working together. Before we can offer something special to our clients, we first need to try it out on ourselves. F:JAM will be dedicated to experimenting with these three elements of facilitation. Come and play with us!


Drop in Coliving / Coworking / Colearning

No agenda. Just come stay with us for as long as you wish. We can offer you discounted rates of £50/night. Then we all chip in for food and take turns to cook evening meals. You will come away feeling nourished with community and rich conversations, as well as plenty of time for yourself to read that book you have been putting off or work on that dream project that has been on your mind for months.


This is your opportunity to kick back, and have some time just for you with a community of people who get it.

Drop in anytime between
 Mon 6th - Wed 15th March and also between Tue 21st
 March - Sun 2nd April.

Spring Unconference Retreat

Imagine spending a few days with a diverse yet likeminded tribe of facilitators where everyone leads one session to present an idea or problem and gather valuable feedback, with plenty of space for connection and discussion around how to support each other as a community. 

This retreat will help you to refine your skills, spark collaborations with others and explore together how to attract more interesting work in the months ahead.


We are collaborating with Kirsty who is the founder of School of Facilitation to prototype two events for their community. Stay tuned!


What are you waiting for?

Register your interest and join a zoom call to find out who's coming and ask any questions that you may have. 

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