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Life at Selgars season 1 has now ended. 

Stay tuned for season 2 from Dec 2023!

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Live Slow With Us

Life at Selgars is an experiment in living together as a community in nature during the winter months inspired by our time in Stockholm at K9 Coliving.

From Dec to April 2024, we turn Selgars into our shared Home. 


Life at Selgars is not a hotel or an airbnb. We are a community that consciously decides how we wish to live together for several weeks, preferably even months. We share more than just a roof. We share food, thoughts, challenges, ideas, skills and memories. Life at Selgars is the perfect place to come to when you need to start a project, or finish it. Or when you need that peace and quiet but also the support, feedback, gentle challenge, and positive peer pressure that a genuine community brings. 




We have 25 beds available. Some are in a shared room with shared bathrooms, some are private doubles in the main house, some are in our cottages and others in our tiny house wagon.

No matter where you sleep, you are welcome to use all the shared spaces: our coworking and living space, our shared open plan kitchen, our cosy nooks, our art corner, our game room, and of course, explore our beautiful outdoor and edible garden. This is a collaboration. We all come together to make this place magical. 


Are you ready?

Experience Life at Selgars.

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What is Life at Selgars all about?

Community Life 

There is no Community Manager at Life at Selgars. You are of course welcomed and shown around and there are some guidelines and ground rules but everything else is in your hands. See this as a wonderful opportunity to try what you never dared to do. We offer you a canvas and a panel of open minded people ready to cheer you on. 


Minimum Stay

High turn over is harmful for the sense community. We ask you to consider staying as long as you can. We like to aim for an absolute minimum stay of 2 weeks but we guarantee you, that is not enough.

We have a maximum stay of 4 months, which will make you feel life part of the family.

What will we do together?

Anything we want! We will take turns to cook for each other, we will go on long walks and enjoy the Devon countryside. We will hang by the fireplace and work on fun hands on projects on the land. We will improve the space around us. We will connect with locals and support local projects. We will create art together, we will talk about life, wellbeing and how we can transform the Selgars Estate in the months and years to come.


Work & Wifi

We host work retreats and meetings all year round. Our living and coworking space is perfect to work and we also have desks in most bedrooms.
We also have plenty of nooks to hide in. 

On top of fiber broadband wifi, we also installed Satelite Starlink with repeaters throughout the whole venue.

Dogs at Selgars

Yes. Selgars is a pet-friendly place.  Zuko, our Bernese Mountain dog is the head of Security though so your pet will need to pass his lick & sniff test. Jokes aside, do let us know if you are hoping to come with a fur friend and we'll have a chat. Please note that we do not allow dogs in the bedrooms upstairs.



We organise weekly deliveries and figure out a schedule for pot-luck dinners. We are passionate about health and wellbeing and will try out best to come up with an affordable food plan that works for everyone. Where possible we will aim to buy fresh, locally produced and organic ingredients, and avoid plastic packaging of course..

Getting Around

Selgars Mill is 2.5 miles from Tiverton Parkway train station in Mid-Devon. From there you can book a taxi transfer (5 mins) or cycle in 12 min. By train, Tiverton Parkway is 14 minutes from Exeter, 45 minutes from Bristol and 2 hours from London Paddington. The address is ‍Selgars Mill, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 3DA. We recommend bringing your bike and using it to get to local shops, cafes and the train station.

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The activities that we do together will depend on who is in the house. There are so many things we can do: movie nights, book club, accountability club, game nights, yoga, morning walks, and language courses…  it only takes one person to lead and that could be you! 

Remember our motto: don’t ask yourself what the community can do for you, ask what you can do for the community. And if in doubt, Give. 

What you can take for granted is: 

  • 2 potlucks a week (or more, last season we ate together every single night!)

  • Dog love 

  • Yoga with Adriene or Fidji

  • Curiosity Thursdays (you'll see)

  • Exploring the surroundings together and even day trips to the beach

  • End of stay Selgars Diploma 

  • some rain and cold weather. Swedes say "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing". Pack appropriately. We will do ugly sweater competitions and start fires together.

  • Also some absolutely gorgeous days.

  • Some freeloaders (we host spiders, squirrels, birds, and even the occasional sheep and deer on the property).