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Sustainably Working Towards Regenertion

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Getting there one step at a time

When we moved into the Mill on 29th Dec 2022 we had exactly 3 days before we opened it up to guests.


Since then we have tried our best to improve how we do things. For the guests, for ourselves, the venue and the environment around us. 

It is a constant work in progress. Sustainability and regenerative practices are the end goals as well as the journey. 

We have learned to be patient and celebrate the little wins.

We have embraced our guests' suggestions and support. 


And we are happy to share what we are working on in terms of the environment but also, social and economic sustainability.  

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cleaning products

During our last coliving season we fully transitioned to eco products for our laundry and washing up liquids. 

Bio mass boiler 


The biomass boiler was there when we took over. They are of course pros and cons to using biomass but we are learning as we go and making sure we use and care for it properly.  

Working with local businesses

From day one we have been working with our neighbours from next door, the next village to wider Devon for sourcing building materials, mushrooms, bread, soaps, spill accomodations, renting extra land for events... 

Light bulb audit

2 of our colivers spent hours doing an audit of all our light bulbs and recommended energy saving changes which we implemented in April 2024.

Guidelines for guests 

Whether it is for our coliving or our events we raise awareness around energy saving, waste and water cosumption. 

Solar panels

Just like the biomass boiler we already had 38 solar panel installed on the roof of the Mill from

 Good Energy 

We Don't Drive

That tends to make people think we are crazy but we walk or cycle pretty much anywhere. When it is too far we take the train and when it is necessary we ask the local taxi driver for a lift. 


Veg garden

Together with our neighbour and horticulturalist Chris and the support of the amazing Chay from Crops no Shops we are re designing the veg garden to provide fresh food for our events

Our own compost

We are also working with Chris to create our own compost.

We are using the manure of another neighbours from whom we are also buying the goat milk soaps and honey they make!


We love going around the village and finding furnitures and items people are giving away, fixing them up and finding them a new place at Selgars. We have rescued desks, chairs, games, pots and even chest of drawers!

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Uffculme Community Fridge 

Our village has a wonderful project called the Community Fridge. We want to support this project more by checking the fridge before buying and help reduce waste. 

Buy Local Map

We are currently working on a map that will show the different neighbours who often sell their own produces such as honey, eggs, vegetables or juice to encourage our guests to buy there.

System for Coliving orders

As we get most of our food delivered weekly we want to work out a system that can easily combine everyone's individual order in one delivery. Harder than it seems!

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Subsidised stay

At this stage we need all of our accommodations for guests. However we do dream of a day when we can host artists and volunteers or people with smaller budget to take part in running Selgars and sharing their gifts with the wider community. 

Electric cycle

We were gifted a trolley and Morgane's dream is to buy an electrical bike that would allow for longer distances and local food pickups in surrounding villages as well as take carry our guests' heavier luggages! 


Every Day Is A New Opportunity To Get Better

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