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This is where we will be posting articles, podcasts and stories...

How to get your team culture right when scaling a tech startup?

Why meeting in nature can make all the difference to building a high performance team and avoiding burn out and conflict.

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It's a dream come true!
A coliving podcast from our founders

Anton speaks with Morgane about his coliving journey and the vision for Selgars Estate.


Hosting a magical multi-day wedding on a budget

We want to make it affordable for couples to host multi-day weddings with a relaxed, fun and festival-like atmosphere. 


Partnering with Wellbeing Retreat Organisers

We understand how hard it is to find affordable yet beautiful, accessible and functional countryside nature locations for your wellbeing retreats. We want to be a trust venue partner.

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We need your help!

The challenge that we face right now is that we have an empty calendar for 2023 and we need your help to spread the word.

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