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The rest in your life affects the rest of your life

Join us for 4 nights and 5 days of time where you set the agenda and no one else.

24th- 27th Oct 2024

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You are the most important project of your life Sounds cliché? It does for a reason, it is true.
And yet, we let that project drop down to the bottom of the priority list, if not off completely. 

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Why Rest?

You are running around from Monday to Friday, ticking things off your list, trying your best not to drop any balls (social, professional, personal lives all intertwined) praying for the weekend which always goes by in the blink of an eye.

Sometimes you wonder why you are doing all of this and how to make it stop, if only for a short while. 

That is why we are not hosting the usual wellness retreat.

You need a rest, not a week filled with endless activities that will leave you even more exhausted or distracted from yourself and your instincts. 

We’re not here to offer you quick fixes and advice. 

We’re here to hold a space, within which you can slow the f*** down, come back to yourself, and reflect on what really matters to you.

You’ve probably tried to rest before, at home, by yourself, or even on holidays but chances are that you’ve been distracted by your surroundings, unable to properly and deeply Rest.

That’s where THE REST PROJECT comes in to help: A change of scenery in our carefully curated environment will allow you to detach from that default version of yourself so you can focus on the question: what do I need now? what do I want to do?

This is what we’ve experienced ourselves: by reconnecting with Nature and a slower pace of life, we managed to create the space to reconnect with ourselves, and this is what we want to share with you now. 

Come and join us for 5 days in Nature where nothing is mandatory but Rest.


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You can sleep in, you can walk in silence, and lose yourself in the beautiful scenery of our magical land, you can read and drink tea by the fire, you can have your morning coffee in our winter garden conservatory, or you can meet new friends with similar struggles and share resources and ideas. You can also do a bunch of activities from yoga to wood carving as well as painting, candle making, and learning how to knit, if you so wish.
We’ve got the tools and material, you can let your creativity go wild. 

It is all up to you. 

All we ask is for you to come with an open mind and a willingness to let go & truly relax. And that is scary, we know, but we will be here to cheer you up along the way while you indulge in taking care of yourself #guiltfree 

Hopefully, you’ll soon realise that this is the best investment you can ever make, an investment in YOURSELF.


What to Expect

Time for just you
Inspiring conversations

Good food

Good company

Existential questions to come up
New friendships
Sleeping in (lots of it)
Beautiful nature
Space to be spontaneous and try what you’ve always been curious to try

What not to Expect

We are not mental health professionals and are not able to provide counseling.

We do not have a magic wand, we will not promise that you will come home transformed and renewed.


But we are convinced those 5 days will bring you something positive that you can carry back with you into your daily life.


Yes, there is an agenda. Because for the magic of free flow to happen, there needs to be a structure to sit on.

But consider it more as a buffet of experiences for you to choose from.

Day 1

Arrival day before 4pm. 


5pm tour of the property , workshop, library… introduction to the different OPTIONAL activities 


7pm: dinner 

After dinner: campfire if weather permits.



Day 2

8-10 breakfast
10:30 yoga


1pm lunch + check in 

3pm walk to the village OR co-created painting

7pm dinner

After dinner: reading, writing, chatting, yin yoga and/or early night or anything else you want!  


Day 3

8-10 breakfast
10:30 yoga


12pm lunch 


1-5pm "Be bored again"

5pm circle


7pm dinner

After dinner: reading, writing, chatting, yin yoga, and/or early night, or anything else you want!  



Day 4


8-10 breakfast

10:30 yoga

1pm lunch

2pm circle

3pm co-created painting OR walk to the village 

7 pm dinner

After dinner: reading, writing, chatting, yin yoga, and/or early night, or anything else you want!  




Day 5

9 am yoga

10 am brunch


12: check out circle

2pm departure or stay a bit! 

re-fill your cup, and see what grows.

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£300 for a shared room (with up to 2 people), shared bath
£450 for a private room,  shared bath


Included in the price

We want to make this as stress-free as possible for you so we’ve tried to include as much as possible! 

Taxi from and to the train station
Meals & snacks
 (Meals will be vegetarians)
Yoga classes

Not included

Transportation (train, plane…), extra nights,

extra purchase in the village

optional massage sessions with our in-house masseuse 

And before you start thinking "I can’t spend that time or money on myself", how much do you spend on others every week? 


Hosted at Selga rs

The Rest Project is hosted at Selgars Mill Estate, a venue that is filled with a unique mix of indoor and outdoor spaces that include a 200m2 events barn, cosy stone cottages, an 18th century converted Mill House, countless fireplaces, kitchens, waggons, cabins, woodlands, bridges, ponds, wild birds, starlit skies, secluded fields and moments of magic and art at every corner.


“Rest is not a luxury you earn when you are finished with creative work. It's a discipline you cultivate to make you more creative.”


- John Spencer.

Facilitation Team

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Morgane Oléron

Author, copywriter, community consultant, and yoga teacher.


I love writing and creating experiences for people through storytelling, holding space, or simply helping them bring their ideas to life.

For years I prioritized everything until I was too tired to care about myself: work, people, and what they thought of me. 

Only when I turned things around and truly allowed myself to rest did I (re) discover my creativity and joy for the little things in life. I hope to share that with you!

Magalie Pedrono

Emotional resilience, self-awareness, and mindset coach. Meditation teacher. 

My passion is to empower people to find clarity in this ever-increasingly loud and confusing world, so they can come back to themselves and live life from this place of alignment.

I was 25 when I first burned out. The distress was so intense, I committed to finding ways to create balance and inner peace for myself. 

After many years, exploring many things, I can tell you that Deep Rest is by far the best tool to start such a healing journey. I wished I had found the courage to start earlier. Let us guide you!


24th - 27th Oct 2024


Photos taken by Ruth Davey & Anton Chernikov

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