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Our Upcoming Events

5-day environmental, social and psychologically regenerative gathering in Devon with a mission to restore people, forests and ecosystems and leaving both people and places better than how they were found.



SOMOS is an embodied leadership training. It is for anyone who wants to explore how to live a more embodied life and cultivate a more collaborative culture within their organisations.


SOMOS is an opportunity to not only reflect on your personal wellbeing but also to consider the wider systems that we are a part of and how we can change them. 

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The Enchanted Village 2024

Join us for our next co-created Enchanted community festival. 


The Rest Project

Join us for a week of rest where you set the agenda and no one else.

Sometimes you just need a rest, not a week filled with endless activities that will leave you even more exhausted or distracted from yourself and your instincts. 

We’re not here to offer you quick fixes and advice. The Rest Project is a safe space where you can slow the f*** down, come back to yourself, and reflect on what really matters to you.

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Past Events

Enchanted 2023

Trauma Awareness Certified Weeklong Training 2023

11th to 18th July. Led by Trauma Recovery Specialist, Gemini Adams, with expert guest teachers. Over the 7 days, you'll be immersed in an eye-ppening curiculum of lectures, somatic practice sessions and embodied awareness classes, all designed to considerably expand your scope of professional practice.

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May Retreat & Leadership Programme for Women working in Sustainability

The Escape Programme exists to help women step into their power as impactful & resilient changemakers. Starting with a four day retreat in the beautiful Devon countryside, followed by four months of virtual connection and peer coaching, you’ll be part of a cohort of 15 amazing women all supporting one another to deepen their resilience and impact. To find out more about the next programme starting this May follow the link or contact 

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