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Experience the Magic of Selgars Mill.

Selgars Mill is a private hire venue located in the Culm Valley of Mid Devon in the South West of England. We host team building offsites, weddings, wellness retreats, community gatherings and educational programmes. We also host our own embodied nature immersions called SOMOS, a small festival called Enchanted and a coliving experience dedicated to wellbeing and personal growth during the winter months.

At Selgars, we think of nature as a canvas and our role is to paint a masterpiece with every retreat, conference, wedding or experience that we host here. Something incredible, perhaps even magical, takes place when we decide to gather in nature. We slow down, we open up and we begin to feel more connected and grounded to ourselves and with each other. New emotions, new ideas and new energy for change emerges. This is why we do what we do. Our purpose is to reconnect as many people and organisations in nature as possible, and in doing so help to build a more regenerative future for generations to come.

Our estate is small in size, but it is overflowing with big dreams and creative energy. Selgars is a place for both work and play. During the holidays we host 'Life at Selgars' coliving residencies, weddings and celebrations; we want Selgars to grow into 'a home away from home' where lifelong memories are made. When we all go back to school or work, Selgars is an ideal venue for hosting nature conferences, strategic offsites and team retreats. Selgars is perfect nature location to go to do deep work as a team and build the connection, trust, psychological safety and shared identity that is required for true collaboration and teamwork to take place.

As much as possible we aim to place creativity & regeneration at the heart of all we do. We have an edible garden on site and seek to source our food from delicious local producers. When it comes to hospitality, we believe in simplicity and participation. When something needs to be done, we all do it together. This is what builds community. This is what makes Selgars special. If this is the culture and spirit of the event you wish to host, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Create memories that you and your team will cherish forever!

Forget boring corporate hotels. Selgars Mill is the perfect place for your team to reconnect in nature. We offer the complete package; a unique mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, delicious locally sourced food and a menu of tried and tested creative and wellness activities that can be woven into your programme.

"It’s truly been some of the best days of my LIFE! Seeing everyone connect and bond, just like a true family, makes me so proud of all we’ve achieved together! Special thanks to Anton for opening Selgars to us! We loved every minute of our stay!" 


Akash Mehta

CEO of Fable & Mane

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Organisations Who Have Trusted Us

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"We hosted our board meeting and strategic offsite at Selgars. It was the perfect place for this meeting and a beautiful space to work and reflect." 


Mark Drewell

Director, New Foundation Farms and NED, South West Mutual

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Explore New Frontiers of Human & Organisational Development

Join our next programme.


CoLive With Us

For 3 months each year we transform Selgars Mill into a coliving space dedicated to wellbeing and personal growth.

Venue Hire
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in nature to unleash your innate creativity, build community and transform how you do business.

Selgars Mill Estate is a multi-functional venue that not only transforms with the seasons, but also with the holidays. During weekdays and term time we host workation retreats, team offsites, educational programmes and nature conferences. During the weekends and holidays we host 'Life at Selgars' coliving residencies, weddings and community gatherings. Or maybe you could join our Enchanted Village Gathering?

We also do holiday rentals but no later than two months in advance of the check in date. If you would like to rent our cottages or our waggon for either a couple or family get away please get in touch.


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We have recently renovated our barn and also added outdoor festival cooking facilities and glamping...

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We have partnered with some of our neighbours in the Culm Valley village to provide more accommodation (within a short walk or drive from Selgars) so that we can host larger groups and companies who require private rooms and bathrooms for their participants.


Our Journal

How to get your team culture right when scaling a tech startup? Try the nature fix.

Why meeting in nature can make all the difference to building a high performance team and avoiding burn out and conflict.


What are you waiting for?

Hosting your event or team building retreat at Selgars will have a lasting impact on the way your team thinks, feels and works together.

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Selgars Mill is a beautiful converted 19th Century mill house with cottages, set in eight acres of secluded grounds in the Culm Valley in Mid Devon. 

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"Selgars is nothing short of magical. The place feels like home, with a brilliant mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, surrounded by water and mature trees.  Highly recommend for team building retreats."  


Laurie Parma

Senior Research Officer, Sustainable Finance




"Imagination is the only key to the future. Without it none exists - with it all things are possible."


- Ida Tarbell

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